About Me

Emilia graduated with a Masters degree in Ceramics from the National Academy of Arts in 2001. Since then she has specialized in the Fine Arts faculty of the University of Porto – Portugal. From 2012 to 2017 Emilia was an assistant in the ceramics department of the National academy of arts – Sofia, Bulgaria. She most often works with ceramics and porcelain in limited series.

Emilia Emileva participates in numerous international and local art exhibitions. The last project she was involved with domestically was “Spaceport” at “One Gallery”, Sofia, where she displayed various porcelain pieces and jewellery. She also took part in the pop event “Mutant” in Varna, where she displayed pieces of jewellery inspired by her own experiences.

Emilia has lots of her own projects, the last of which are in her primary discipline – Ceramics. The 2017 exhibition was held in the “Testa” gallery and the 2016 one in “Art 36” gallery in Sofia. In 2013 she was awarded 3rd place in the prestigious International Biennial of Artistic Ceramics of Aveiro, Portugal.